Your new Vienna Assistant offers a direct connection to all the sample and software products we have to offer! It is available for all registered users.

  • Download, install and manage your sample content and software products in one application
  • Stay up to date with software and library updates
  • Get an overview of your existing and future products
  • Download additional material from tutorials to notation-related templates

Here are your direct download links:

Vienna Assistant macOS

Vienna Assistant Windows

Watch our introductory video to get started:


This software only works with iLok protected products!

All in One Application

The Vienna Assistant comprises the functionality of the following separate tasks you are probably used to from our eLicenser-protected software versions.

For downloading and installation (legacy eLicenser) it replaces:

  • MyVSL Download Area
  • Vienna Download Manager

For sample content management (legacy eLicenser) it replaces/expands:

  • Vienna Instruments Directory Manager
  • Vienna Synchron Player Database

ALL Products

This software contains copyrighted elements of the following third parties:

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The aforementioned parties disclaim all warranties with regard to this software and thus cannot be held liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of this software.