FAQ: Licenses & iLok

Each Vienna Symphonic Library product comes with a dedicated license. These licenses are managed by the iLok License Manager and can be stored on a physical iLok key (also called "dongle") or in the iLok Cloud (no key/dongle needed).

You can get your iLok key directly at iLok or at a music store of your choice.

After purchasing a product from our VSL web shop or an authorized dealer, your iLok licenses will be added to your linked iLok account right away.

Moving licenses is simple:

  1. Open your iLok License Manager (free download here)
  2. Drag your licenses to/from any available location (key/cloud/account) by drag and drop

Machine-activations for our free instruments like the Big Bang Orchestra: Free Basics can only be activated on your computer directly or on a physical iLok key.

For regular product licenses and demo licenses, you can activate your licenses

  1. in an iLok Cloud Session (no physical key necessary) or
  2. on a physical iLok Key.

For our FREE INSTRUMENTS licenses, you can choose between

  1. machine-based activation (no key necessary) and
  2. activation on a physical iLok key.

In short words: Click “Complete”.

This process simply removes an upgradable license and replaces it with the upgraded license.

So this message will appear whenever you upgrade a license. If you have multiple licenses in your account, select one of them to apply this license upgrade.


When purchasing several products, amongst them an upgrade license, you will be asked to surrender the upgradable license as the first step in the process!

Our products come with 1 license per purchase.

This means that you have not installed the iLok License Manager yet. Once installed, the message will not pop up anymore.

Get in touch with sales@vsl.co.at, we do offer secondary studio licenses for our bigger collections at a reduced price.

This depends on your setup:

  • If you use VE Pro 7 on one computer only, you will only need one license.
  • If you want to use VE Pro in a network, you will need additional licenses which you can purchase at a reduced price.

For a network setup: Every computer that runs a VE Pro SERVER (and lets you load plug-ins in that server) will need one license

You will NOT need a license available on your master computer if you don't plan to use the VE Pro Server on the master computer. The VE Pro plug-in that connects from your sequencer to the available servers in your network does not need a license to run.

This depends on your specific situation and coverage. The procedure will be handled by our partners at iLok directly.

Find more information right here: Procedure Broken/Lost/Stolen Keys

And overview of all can be found here: iLok FAQs

Zero Downtime™ (ZDT) is an optional iLok coverage that gives you immediate access to your licenses in the case of a broken, lost, or stolen iLok USB. If you rely on 24/7 access to your licenses, ZDT is for you!

Theft&Loss Coverage offers even more protection and is included free with your ZDT subscription.

The transfer of a Vienna license to another user is not possible without our involvement and permission. Vienna Symphonic Library allows a license transfer under certain, regulated circumstances.

The procedure is as follows (from the seller's perspective):

  • The handling fee for the license transfer is 10% of the full price of the product (minimum fee EUR 50).
  • Upgrade discounts and student discounts that may have been received at an earlier time will have to be refunded to the Vienna Symphonic Library.
  • The seller announces the name and email address of the user the license should be transferred to in an email from his registered email address with us to sales@vsl.co.at .Kindly note that we don't allow reselling in our own forums, or through platforms like eBay or similar, so you'll have to find a buyer privately.
  • Our Sales Team will guide you through the process of revoking the license(s) from your iLok and VSL accounts and will add those licenses onto the iLok and VSL accounts of the new owner.

The legal buyer of 'second hand' products of the Vienna Symphonic Library has full access to our support, software updates and sample downloads - he can even take advantage of our upgrade discounts with future orders. For any license transfer inquiries, please contact us directly!


If you have a corresponding eLicenser license for the iLok license that is transferred to another user, the eLicenser license will be deleted from your account. eLicenser licenses cannot be transferred anymore.