FAQ: General

You can redownload all your VSL products as often as you want, anytime!

Log in to your Vienna Assistant and pick the products you want to download:

Vienna Assistant macOS
Vienna Assistant Windows

Yes, you can! Data is data, and you can copy the sample content via network or external drive from one system to the other. Don't forget to connect your content in the Vienna Assistant!

In general, you will benefit from the standard formats (more details here) that are used on the supported OS's.

  • On macOS, the standard is APFS or MacOS (Journaled)
  • On Windows, you should stick to NTFS formats.

Yes, you can use all our samples & software on the latest macOS.

Watch our announcement video to learn more about our transition to Apple Silicon-native support. The following applications have been ported already - with more to come:

Sample Players:

  • Vienna Synchron Player
  • Vienna Synchron Pianos
  • Vienna Synchron Harp
  • Vienna Instruments Pro
  • Vienna Imperial
  • Vienna Organ Player

Software Products:

  • Vienna Ensemble Pro 7
  • MIR Pro 3D

Our Intel-based software also works with the M1 and M2 chips using Apple's Rosetta 2 software. You can find more information about Rosetta 2 here

Yes, we do offer the option for additional physical delivery when you buy a library. You can add a Vienna Hard Drive before completing your order.

With our ever-growing collection of virtual instruments, we offer different hard drives - depending on the product category.

All Vienna Hard Drives.

All registered products will always remain available for download in your Vienna Assistant:

Vienna Assistant macOS
Vienna Assistant Windows

  • The phyiscal hard drives do NOT include any Serial Numbers.
  • The hard drives are NOT suitable for sample-streaming.

Each hard drive is delivered with ALL installation files of the respective category.



SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions (Synchron Player):
The successor of the Special Editions - We added more articulations to some instruments, as well as instruments that were previously not available in the classic SEs, made it compatible with the Synchron Player + pre-mixed every instrument: each instrument has a custom Impulse Response from the position it would have in the Synchron Stage, so everything is placed in the room and volume matched with the Synchron Series.
Simply load the instrument and start playing. If you want to place your virtual instrument in a different space, simple disable the IR reverb in the mixer and you will get the dry sound.

SMART Series (Synchron Player):
These are libraries for sketching, playing live on stage and/or use to add a little something to the classical sound of our other products (sound-design)
Smart Orchestra, Smart Spheres, Smart Hits

Big Bang Orchestra (Synchron Player):
Tutti and section instruments recorded in our Synchron Stage Vienna.
FREE Big Bang Orchestra as a great starter to get your feet wet.
All pre-mixed to fit with our other Synchron products out of the box.
Affordable high quality libraries that are designed to be easy to use.
Multi-Mic recordings.


SYNCHRON Series (Synchron Player)

Synchron Series products:
Were recorded in the Synchron Stage Vienna with multiple mics.
SYNCHRON-ized products:
We took the original recordings of the classic VI Series, re-mastered and re-edited them and, similar to the SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions, customized each instrument with impulse responses to achieve correct seating, reverb and a great balance in volume.
There are still quite a few libraries that are not available in a SYNCHRON-ized version.
We're working on it!

VIENNA INSTRUMENTS Collections (Vienna Instruments Player)
Our legendary "classic libraries", recorded at Silent Stage Vienna, capturing "only" the early reflections of the stage - and therefore very dry.
Sampled with the highest level of detail - the cornerstone of our reputation!
The Standard-Libraries will give you access to some of the articulations while the Full libraries go all in.
All VI Collections are available with the VI SUPER PACKAGE, and there are also smaller bundles and even single instruments available.
Upgrade paths will help you expand your collections economically over time.

No worries, you can download everything with your Vienna Assistant anytime. Log in and and choose from your registered products!

Once again, our Vienna Assistant is your friend which will keep you in the loop with all necessary updates.

Vienna Assistant macOS
Vienna Assistant Windows

Make sure you are logged in and check your available UPDATES!

It was simply time for a new generation of sample players that are more powerful, comfortable, intuitive and flexible. Incredible orchestral performance, out of the box.

And our SYNCHRON-ized products transform our classic Vienna Instruments products into a well-balanced, seated orchestra that sits right there at Synchron Stage Vienna - waiting for your input!


We are using the iLok copy protection software to protect both your and our investment. You can decide between keeping your licenses in the iLok Cloud (no key necessary) or on a physical iLok key.

Find out more about iLok in our FAQs.